Dr. Doug Dees

Equipping Pastor

I was here as Singles Pastor 1997-2000. Then went to FBC Orlando to do the same. Became 'Education Pastor', then 'New Venues Pastor'. Left FBC Orlando in 2010 for Henderson Hills Baptist Church. Was education pastor there for three years. Then God called us back here. How cool is that?!?!?!

My family consists of Karen and two kiddos, Katie and Matt. Katie is back in Orlando going for a second degree, this one in nursing. Matt manages a clothing store in Aspen, Colorado. Obviously we HAVE to go visit our kiddos :)
My parents and sisters live in and around Ft. Worth Texas. Karen has two sisters and her dad in Las Vegas, and a sister in Ft. Worth and Houston.

When I am helping people find their sweet spot in ministry, I feel alive. When I am teaching with application of what God is saying, I feel alive. When I am helping a church re-think who they are and how to get done what God wants, I feel alive. As long as I feel like I am helping us all become more of who He wants us to be, I sense a smile from my Abba Father.

Just out of college, a buddy of mine and I took my dad's ski boat out on Benbrook Lake on a very nice day in late February to tune up the inboard motor for ski season. Returning to the dock, I dropped off Kim, and he went to get the jeep and trailer. He backed the trailer into the water and I drove the boat up on it. When leaning over the front of the boat to attach it to the trailer with the wench, I realized my hand was splashing in the water. I looked up, and there was Kim trying to keep the jeep from rolling backwards into the lake. Not successful, we jumped in to the water to detach the boat from the trailer because it too was being pulled down into the water. We then swam around to the back of the boat (cowboy boots, jeans and flannel shirts and all) climbed in, and watched the jeep roll backward until it was completely gone. Two hours later the Benbrook Fire Department scuba team found the jeep 80 feet off shore. A tow truck retrieved the jeep and by 9:45 that evening we had the engine running. So, when my dad called at 10:00, and I told him the jeep got a little wet, at least I could tell him the jeep was running!! It was YEARS later at a Thanksgiving Dinner that I told him it was 80 feet off shore!! I now own it and it runs really well!