KNOW   ➤   GROW    ➤   GO

It's our "Three-Fold Holy Pursuit" at First Moore

"to KNOW him" -- Exodus 33:12-20

  • Respond to God's grace.  We have all sought idols in place of the Lord. We need forgiveness.
  • Keep learning God's ways.  
    • Through Scripture, through His creation, through your relationships, through human history
  • Stay alert to God's presence
  • Seek God's pleasure. Faith is vital.
  • Search after God's glory. It is shown TO you and THROUGH you.

"GROW in Christ" -- Matthew 4:17-23

  • Jesus calls us to follow Him.  Our invitation to learn, live, and love.
  • Jesus calls us to
    • pursue Him
    • walk daily with Him
    • come step-by-step with Him
    • be led by Him
  • We follow Him together with other believers.
  • As we follow Him, He makes us into who we were created to be.
    • Don't confuse your destination with your destiny.
  • As we follow Him, we join Him in His work.

"GO with Christ" and Make Disciples -- Matthew 28:16-20

  • We're going already. So, be intentional.
  • We're going with His authority.
  • We're going with His help.
  • We're going with His message.
  • We're going together.