Video Project Request Form:
Do you have an idea for a video that you would like made? We have created a form that we ask you to fill out with all the details of your project. **This form is primarily for videos to be shown on Sunday mornings as a celebration or promotional video. 

Because the video creation process is extensive and takes time, the decision to show a video announcement will be made by potential of ministry-wide impact (Know, Grow, Go). The video must be approved by the Communication Team. The Communication Team has the authority to say yes, no or revise. 

Things to keep in mind when requesting a video project:
Eight Weeks prep time will be needed for each video made in-house.
At least four weeks will be needed for pre-made video submissions. This provides time for the Communication Team to review and edit. 

Please no PowerPoint (.pptx) files. Send .mov, .mp4 or .prproj files.

Pictures in landscape format, Music for the video and Logos should be sent to Casey at the time of your project request submission (We have all First Moore logos). Contact Casey Howsden by e-mail or by phone: 405-735-2513.

For questions, e-mail

Please fill out the form below

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Please offer a brief explanation of the purpose of your video.
Please offer a detailed script or vision for the video. For example: Who's involved? Where will it be located? What information needs to be communicated? Dates, times, contact info, etc.
Due Date *
Due Date
Eight weeks prep time will be needed for each video project made in-house. At least four weeks prep time will be needed for pre-made video submissions. You can still submit a video if the suggested deadline for prep has already passed but know that the video is not guaranteed to be completed by the due date requested.
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Today's Date
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