First Moore History

The sch0ol house in 1890

The sch0ol house in 1890

“To Keep House for the Master”

Our heritage began July 5, 1890, when eleven brethren and sisters came forward and organized into a Gospel church, which was to be known as The First Baptist Church of Moore, Oklahoma Territory. On that date, they penned a church charter, which is displayed in the Senior Pastor’s Office. An excerpt from the charter reads, “After sermon by J.H. Nichols, an invitation was given to any wishing to enter into covenant relation to keep house for the Master.” J.M. Corn was called as the first pastor at a salary of $4.00 a month in 1891.

In 1898….

The “church that couldn’t be built” because of lack of funds was constructed on the corner of S. Howard Street and S.W. 1 in Moore. Total cost of the construction at that time was $2,200 according to a handwritten note in the margin at the top of the original charter. The building was dedicated to the Lord on October 4, 1898. In 1910 the first parsonage was built next to the church at a cost of $800.

The year 1953…

marked the time the church “got out of the mud” with the paving of the streets on the north and east sides of the building. In 1955 fifty-two baptisms were reported, bringing the membership to 342. By 1962 the membership had increased to 1,062, due in part to the booming population of Moore, thus a new sanctuary and education space was completed and dedicated on September 27, 1964 at the Howard Street location. From 1964 to 1984, the membership more than doubled. A new worship center was dedicated on September 22, 1985, at our present location. Sunday School was held for five years at the site on Howard Street. The present West Education Building was built and dedicated in March, 1990, and the East Education Building on January 9, 1994.

Today and beyond…

On July 5, 2015, we celebrated our 125th anniversary as a church. We believe your presence here is no accident but by divine appointment of God and it is our prayer that you will choose to become a part of this rich heritage “to keep house for the Master.”