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More than just babysitting!

More than just babysitting!

At First Moore, we make a special effort to provide the best in Bible education, equipment, guidance, and personnel for your child in order to make their church experience one that will lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our personnel has a definite purpose in mind EVERY time your child is in a preschool room whether it be Sunday morning, Wednesday night or any other time during the week.

Our goal is for each child to...
FEEL the love that God has for him or her
SENSE and begin to understand that Jesus was born, grew & belonged in a family
LEARN that God created the world in seven days
THINK of the Bible as a very special book, God's Word, that is completely true
DEVELOP positive feelings of self-worth and his or her value to God
BEGIN to show love, respect & acceptance for others
BECOME aware that God planned for families
EXPERIENCE a healthy atmosphere that gives them positive feelings about church

These purposes are carried out through guided activities related to the child's own experiences. These activities promote growth, enjoyment, confidence, trust and security through the use of blocks, books, home living materials, nature, pictures, music, puzzles, art and the Bible. While participating in these activities, the teachers are given the opportunity to teach songs and Bible truths as they develop a relationship with each child. 

We want to partner with YOU, the family, to teach your child truths that will last a lifetime. Thank you for the privilege of walking with you on this journey!

A child should not be taken from the home when any of the following exist:

  • Fever (should be fever-free for at least 24 hours)

  • Vomitting and/or diarrhea

  • Any symptom of usual childhood diseases -- scarlet fever, measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough

  • Common cold -- from onset through one week

  • Sore throat

  • Croup

  • Any unexplained rash

  • Any skin infection -- boils, ringworm, impetigo

  • Pink eye or other eye infections


We ask that you show teachers and other parents the same concern and Christian courtesy that you want shown to you by not bringing a child who is ill into a preschool room. The recommendations below are form the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In addition:
We will not administer any medications. Food activities are regular events in preschool classrooms. Therefore, information regarding your child's allergies is very important.

If it is your first time taking your child to the nursery, please stop at the west security desk outside of the nursery area and pick up a registration form. If you do not have a security card, please make sure you obtain one from the preschool leader on duty at the west security desk.

At your child's room, fill out the sign-in sheet and the information sheet for your child. This will help the teachers know what your child may need during his/her stay with us (feeding, napping, etc). Also, leave us your cell phone number (if you have one with you), as this will be the method of communicating with you if you are needed.

When you return to pick up your child, please have your security card ready to show to your child's teacher.

Only parents or an authorized adult WITH THE SECURITY CARD will be allowed to pick up children from their classes. We will NOT release children to siblings even if they have the security card.

In creeper and toddler rooms, please knock and remain outside the room until a teacher brings your child to you. This helps us keep your child's classroom calm and safe. Each door has a window that allows you to peek in -- we certainly want you to be aware of everything that goes on in our classrooms and we welcome your questions or concerns.

Director of Preschool: Joyce still
Questions?: call (405)-793-2648 / (405)-735-2530