First Moore Global Missions

Check out what our missionaries are doing globally! At First Moore, we want to make a difference by telling everyone about the love God has for us. We have year-round mission opportunities locally, across the United States, and around the world.

Mission opportunities in oklahoma

Faith Works
Tutoring of inner-city children.

Jail Ministry
Sharing the gospel with individuals at the Oklahoma County Jail.

Rescue Missions
A hands and feet ministry to the homeless.


Suggestions for Support Letter

  • Begin your letter with an introduction, greeting and thanks for the relationship you share with the recipient.

  • Let them know you are led to the mission field through your strong desire to be obedient to the great commission.

  • Tell the reader where you are going, who you will be partnering with, who you will be attempting to reach, for the Lord, why there is a need, what you will be doing and how you will be serving that community and people.

  • Include information about the area or people which will help the reader feel connected to the project.

  • Share the cost of the trip and any deadlines which are present.

  • Ask the donor to partner with you through prayer and giving.

  • Close by again giving thanks for what the relationship you have with the reader means to you and your spiritual growth.

Throughout the Bible the body of Christ has supported missionaries in this manner, be confident in the Lord’s provision. The missionaries typically worked as they went, so don’t rely on a support letter as the only means to fund your project. Find a means to add to your resources by other opportunities you create. The apostle Paul was a tent maker.