Ministry Staff

Lead Team

Dr. Kevin Clarkson
Senior Pastor

Dr. Doug Dees
Associate Pastor of Equipping & Discipleship

Chris Malone
Minister of Music & Worship Arts

Donnie Voss
Church Administrator

Ministry Staff

Grant Adams
Music & Worship Associate

Raymond Cox
Director of Singles' Ministry


Casey Howsden
Minister to College & Graphic Arts


Patrick Miller
Associate Director of Children's Ministry



Danny Bice
Pastor to Deaf Ministry

Eric Fletcher
Minister of Families


Don Jones
Minister to Median Adults & Hispanic Discipleship


Larry Quinton
Minister of Pastoral Care & Evangelism

Bill VanBuskirk
Minister of Global Missions

Jerry Young
Minister of Students


Walter Bradley
Director of Children's Ministry

Josh Gresham
Director of Recreation Outreach

Amber Langston
Music & Worship Associate

Joyce Still
Director of Preschool Ministry



Support Staff

Jenny Brewer
Assistant to Senior Pastor &
Worship Pastor

Karen Dees
Financial Assistant

Barbara Mortenson
Director of Special Needs Ministry

Barbara Redman

Dianna Royland
Director of Church Services

Stephanie Gaches
Assistant to Minister of Students

Juli Harman
Assistant to Associate Pastor

Paula Mikes
Assistant to the Church Administrator

Marji Robison
Assistant to Director of Singles' Ministry


Kristy Gile
Assistant to Director of Children & Preschool Ministries

Terry Mortenson
Facilities Manager

Gloria Nunn
Assistant to Missions & Evangelism

Ramona Romines
Prayer Ministry Coordinator